2016 Fire & Ice Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners in our 18th annual Fire & Ice romance writing contest!

Contemporary Romance

First Place
Mounting the Marquis
by Kelli Newby

Second Place
Meadow Wind
by Betty Unkel

Third Place
It’s Been You
by Rina Gray

Historical Romance

First Place
Saving Columbine Ranch
Karen Miller

Second Place
Against the Tide
by Jeanine Englert

Third Place
This Is Us
by Eleri Grace

Romantic Suspense

First Place
The Hustler
by Angie Hockman

Second Place
by Shannon South

Third Place
Against the Laws
Rochelle Bradley

Fantasy/Futurist/Paranormal Romance

First Place
Once Bitten
by Heather McCorkle

Second Place
The Siren’s Song
by Helen Scott

Third Place
Rolf’s Quest
by Christean Hall

Young Adult Romance

First Place
The Mark of the Cagairain
by Yanicke Forfang

Second Place
The Becomers
by Linda Kramer

Third Place
Beneath Us
by Michelle Joyce Bond

Fourth Place
Winging It
by RoseAnn DeFranco