Our Members

Chicago-North Romance Writers of America® has more than 100 members. Some of us have published dozens of books. Some of us have won awards or made it to the best-seller lists. Some of us have yet to be published. We write in all of the romance subgenres: Young Adult. Historical. Contemporary. Paranormal. Erotic. New Adult. Romantic Suspense. Whether you’ve got a string of hits behind you or you’re still struggling with Page 3 of your first manuscript, you’re welcome to join us!

Nidhi AgarwalContemporary Romance 
Sarah M. AndersonContemporary Romance
Catherine AndorkaContemporary Romance
Robyn BacharSci-fi, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
J. Leigh BaileyM/M Short Fiction
Carilyn BallentineContemporary Romance 
Katrina Bauer  
Sherrill BodineContemporary and Historical Romance
Erin BrambillaYoung Adult 
Marilyn BrantWomen's Fiction, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense
Nina Brottman  
Laurie BrownHistorical Romance
Lorelie BrownContemporary, Historical
Melanie BruceContemporary Romance 
Mary Jo BurkeFantasy, Paranormal Romance
Lisa CahillContemporary Romance 
Jenny Carney  
Meta Carroll  
Parker ClarionHistorical Romance 
Jennifer Ann CoffeenHistorical Romance
Mary Collins  
Patty CopelandContemporary, Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction
Michelle CoxHistorical Romantic Suspense
Bernadette CychnerHistorical, Paranormal, Romantic Thrillers 
Laurie DeMarinoParanormal Romance
Jenna DePaul  
Sonali DevMainstream Fiction, Contemporary Bollywood Romance
Laurie Devore  
Denise DiLeo  
Kelly Duff  
Cici EdwardParanormal Romance 
Simone ElkelesYoung Adult
Mavis Enright Smith  
Kelly Farmer  
Tory Ferrera  
Susan Fletcher  
Gretchen Friel  
Nicole Fruit  
Emma GatesContemporary Romance
Blythe GiffordHistorical Romance
LC GirouxContemporary Romance
Susan Green  
Lisa Guest  
Julie HamiltonContemporary Romance 
Julie HammerleYoung Adult
Elizabeth HarmonContemporary Romance, Historical Romance
Edie HarrisRomantic Suspense, Historical Romance
Karen Dale HarrisFreelance Editor: Romance Specialist 
Lynne Hartzer  
Susan Heneghan  
Nicole HohmannYoung Adult 
Patricia Jackson  
Julie JamesContemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Joan Johnson  
Melonie JohnsonParanormal and Contemporary Romance 
Melissa Judd  
Margot JustesRomantic Suspense
Ruth KaufmanHistorical, Contemporary, Young Adult Romance
Clara KensieYoung Adult
Beth KeryContemporary Erotic Romance, Historical, Paranormal
Rebecca Ann KielContemporary Romance 
Kit KilroyHistorical Romance
Laura Kinker  
Deborah KinnardInspirational, Contemporary, Historical Romance
Pamala Knight  
Ilisa Krich  
Julia Lightbody  
Carrie Lofty / Ellen Connor / Katie PorterHistorical Romance / Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance / Erotic Romance
Beverly LongRomantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance
Lindsay LongfordContemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Tracie Ingersoll LoyContemporary Romance
Robbin Luckett  
Dessa Lux / Dira LewisParanormal Romance
Myrna MackenzieContemporary Romance
Tammy MairContemporary Romance 
Morgan MandelContemporary Romance
Mari ManningContemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Mary Marino  
Hanna MartineParanormal and Contemporary Romance
Nkeiruka Mbah  
Lisa McLuckieWomen's Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Kate MeaderContemporary Romance
Jenny MeyerhoffYoung Adult
Anna Michelson  
Courtney MilanHistorical Romance
Cynthia Ripley MillerHistorical Romance
Laura MooreContemporary Romance
Ryann MurphyContemporary Romance 
Barbara Murray  
Emily Newman  
Erica O'RourkeYoung Adult
AnnMarie OrtegaErotica
Barbara Partridge  
Kathe Pate  
Susan Elizabeth PhillipsContemporary Romance
Yasmine PhoenixParanormal 
A.J. PineContemporary Romance
Allie PleiterInspirational Romance 
India PowersParanormal, Historical Romance 
Debra Puzzo  
Susan RaeRomantic Suspense
Ginger RandContemporary Romance 
Averil ReismanHistorical Romance
Savannah ReynardParanormal Romance 
Maryann Roucka  
Shannyn SchroederContemporary Romance
Kate SterlingContemporary Romance
Jennifer StevensonParanormal Romance, Fantasy
Debra St. JohnContemporary Romance
Mary Kay Thill  
Ellen Tiernan  
Valerie TwomblyParanormal Romance
Lori TylerErotic Contemporary and Historical Romance
Suzette Vann  
Julie Ann WalkerRomantic Suspense
Caroline Walters  
CJ Warrant  
Margaret WatsonContemporary Romance
Barbara WeitzContemporary Romance
Paula Simone White  
Erica Wovsaniker  
Aubrey WynneContemporary Romance, Historical Romance