Enter Fire & Ice


All entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. (CST) on March 1, 2020. Any entries received after this time will be returned and the entry fees forfeited.

Step One – Pay the Entry Fee

First, we ask all our entrants to pay the contest entry fee. All payments must be made through Paypal.

Payment fees are $25 for all entrants. Payments are non-refundable. We recommend paying the entry fee just before you are ready to actually submit your entry.

Please record your Paypal transaction ID! You will be asked to provide that number on the contest entry form.

Note: If you are submitting a co-authored manuscript, each author must submit an entry form, but only one payment is required. The author who submits the payment info will be designated the “primary author.”

Ready to make your payment?

Fire & Ice Entry Payment

Step Two – Submit Your Entry

Have your Paypal transaction ID handy and click the link below to fill out the entry form and upload your entry. NOTE: You will be uploading the actual entry (manuscript) along with the entry form. This is a change from the way contest entries were handled in past years. DO NOT fill out the entry form until you are ready to submit the actual entry.

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For questions and/or additional information, please check out the contest FAQ or email the contest coordinator at FireandIceContestCoordinator@gmail.com.–>